Monday, June 19, 2017

Oh Grandma

So, I think I told you guys that grandma (not Mema who works in the NICU) went into the hospital. She was diagnosed with COPD and CHF and went home on oxygen. She was also sent home on diuretics which caused her to need to use the bathroom a lot... as we all know diuretics do to keep you from dying...

Well, she could barely walk before her hospitalization. She really can't walk now and she can't make it to the bathroom so she keeps peeing in her chair. That made her mad so she quit taking her diuretics... WHY DID HER IDIOT DOCTORS SEND HER HOME??? She couldn't walk in the hospital, what makes them think anyone would be able to take care of her at home.

The only shower is upstairs. She can't walk across level ground, there is no way in hell she can make it upstairs. So my uncle is "building" her a tent out back to have showers via buckets of water...

She had her "nurse" neighbor come over to help her sort her pills for every day. She was complaining to the nurse lady saying that the nurses during her hospital stay were trying to steal her credit cards and "tied her up" because they wanted to keep her there. She was nearly intubated because her CO2 levels were so high, due to her lack of health and lack of healthcare seeking behaviors.

No, the nurse did not believe her ridiculous story. I don't know why grandma thinks everyone is dumb enough to believe her out-of-this-world stories, but she believes these stories she has concocted.

Life gets more interesting by the day and I'm glad that I started on the job search and my move when I did. I hope that we can get grandpa out of this terrible situation as soon as possible.

More updates to come. We have funny stories regularly. I know that the stories recounted here do not do it justice but I flat out started crying from laughing so hard when my mom told me about the firemen getting her to the stairs, the shower tent, and her recollection to a fellow nurse about grandma's nurses trying to steal from grandma. *sigh* If only I were on a reality T.V. show, where everyone would get to understand what happens in my family.

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